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I am a Web Technologies student currently working on producing content for my Web Design brand STWebDesigner and producing blogs and video content for Huddersfield Student Lives.

In my spare time I write articles about my experiences in life, hobbies and interests. View the full article list here: My Articles

snapshots of my work

my projects

  • STWebDesigner

Launched: 29th August 2014   ongoing

STWebDesigner is a place where I share tips, tutorials and news about Web Design. Through the video tutorials I produce, I teach you how to design and code features that can be used on your next project as well as showing you how to build websites from start to finish.

  • Carers Count Selby District

Completed: 18th August 2015   completed

To allow the charity to inform carers about they do I designed and developed a responsive website that allows the Carers Count team to edit the content, upload documents and add news to the website.