i spend my time...

BSc (Hons) Web Technologies graduate working away on designing and coding websites, producing videos and social media marketing for The Health Informatics Service and The Original Cake Company.

my acheivements

  • Graduated from The University Huddersfield

Completed: 9th July 2019   Completed

I graduated from The University of Huddersfield with Frist Class Honours Degree in Web Technologies.

  • TownTech

Completed: 19th October 2018   Completed

TownTech is a small freelance company run by Bryde Town alongside her full-time job. Bryde came to me needing help with the branding aspect. She knew a lot of what she wanted such as the colours and fonts but didn't know how to bring it all together in a visual way. I designed a logo for TownTech which can be used on multiple mediums as well as a cover photo for her Facebook page.

  • Placement at The Health Informatics Service (THIS)

Started: 4th September 2017   Ongoing

My role within the Webteam at THIS encompasses three main areas which are social media, design and web support. The different areas I am responsible for are: the running and management of the THIS social media channels, managing and writing for the THIS blog, filming and editing videos and designing systems and other communcation assets.

  • Volunteered at Reasonsto: Design, Code & Create

Completed: 5th September 2016   Completed

During the three days of the event I volunteered which involved helping to make sure everything was ready and set up for the event, registering the attendees and being on hand throughout the days of the event to help when needed by either the guests, speakers or the organisers.

  • Side Projects talk at Selby College

Completed: 26th May 2016   Completed

The college I studied at invited me back to deliever my first ever talk on Side Projects. In my talk I shared the side projects I do, and why other should do side projects.

  • Interviewed Travis Neilson

Completed: 24th September 2015   Completed

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my design idols Travis Neilson for my blog. The interview was conducted over email which span over a few days due to the time-zone difference.

  • Placement at Space Creative (now Wrapped Agency)

Finished: 1st July 2015   Completed

Throughout my final year of college I worked at Space Creative for one day per week helping with coding client websites using the content management system, Concrete 5.

  • Carers Count Selby District

Completed: 18th August 2015   Completed

To allow the charity to inform carers about they do I designed and developed a responsive website that allows the Carers Count team to edit the content, upload documents and add news to the website.

  • STWebDesigner

Launched: 29th August 2014   Shutdown

STWebDesigner is a place where I share tips, tutorials and news about Web Design. Through the video tutorials I produce, I teach you how to design and code features that can be used on your next project as well as showing you how to build websites from start to finish.

  • Articles from Sophie

Launched: 27th October 2013   Ongoing

Articles from Sophie is my personal blog which first started over on WordPress before I transferred over to Medium in 2016. I write posts to share what I'm working on, things I'm doing and anything web related.