Big Brother: Armageddon Week

Published: 23rd July, 2014

Big Brother’s armageddon week kicked off on Monday 14th July with a not so huge bang that left myself and many other viewers disappointed and let down.

For me the first issue was that it didn’t start with a bang which we were all hyped up to believe it was going to be huge. Emma Willis was just stood in the eye with a few audience members. I feel that Big Brother should have used the big stage outside like they do for Friday’s evictions as this would have gave a bigger atmosphere to the opening day of armageddon week.

I wasn’t surprised about Marlon leaving the Big Brother house on Monday because many of the housemates turned against him after he saved himself from last week eviction. Personally, I am glad he went because he was a bit boring and if he hadn’t of pushed the button last week Jale may have still been in the house. However, I do feel he should have had a proper exit instead of going out of a back door.

The next issue for me about the opening day of armageddon week was the 3 new housemates. This issue was mainly caused by the rumours made by the Daily Mail stating that Kimberly’s Boyfriend and Helen’s enemy could enter the Big Brother house to stir up trouble. This rumour and the hype it came with left many of us viewers disappointed when the 3 new housemates were revealed as just more wannabes.

The final twist of the opening night was about Friday’s eviction where the new housemates would decide who will be evicted out of the old housemates and the public will decide on who goes out of the new housemates. I feel this is a good twist after a disappointing show.

The rest of the week was just like normal week in the Big Brother house. The only real difference to this week was that Bianca was very keen show her boobs... a lot!

Friday’s eviction night came along leaving us with two less housemates. I feel the public made the wrong decision about who when out of the three new housemates. I would have preferred Pav to have gone as he has not done much in the house since entering. I did not mind Danielle going on Friday however I would have much preferred Steven to leave but the new housemates seemed to like him...

After armageddon week was over we had the news about Kimberly falling ill and leaving the Big Brother house. I glad she is out of the house because it stops her making a bigger fool of herself with Steven.

Overall, armageddon week was hyped up too much by the media and left many viewers disappointed. I feel that the week could have been more explosive, it’s a shame Channel 5 didn’t want to take the risk of bringing in Helen’s enemy.