Dallas: Up In Flames!

Published: 27th October, 2014

Although J.R. is no longer around, Southfork is still the center of rivalry, backstabbing, corruption and betrayal. However, right now Southfork is up in flames with Sue, Bobby and Christopher inside but will they all survive the fire that was caused by Bo?

Season 3 episode 8 is called ‘Where There’s Smoke’ and attracted 384 thousand viewers. Pamela finally watched the video that reveals the affair John Ross has been having with Emma but reacts in a way that no one was expecting!

After watching the video, Pamela learns that Sue and Ann knew all about the affair. Bobby overhears Sue and Ann and kicks Emma out of Southfork but reserves his anger for Ann who keeps lying to him. Pamela reacts by having a three-some with John Ross and Emma, to everyone’s surprise. But it doesn’t take long for the sirens to start as Pamela took an overdose before arriving at the hotel.

After having an argument with Bobby, Ann goes round to Ryland’s house to explain how Emma needs to live with him from now on but the two end up kissing. Are they about to rekindle their relationship?

In other news, Christopher wants to take his relationship with Heather to another level but there is one thing standing in their way, Bo (Heathers ex). After taking his son out of school without permission, Christopher searches the whole of Dallas for him. It may seem a happy ending with the child found but Bo is on a mission and it out for revenge.

John Ross finds out the truth about Rylan’s plan to frame him from Candace and shifty confronts Judith, warning her to lay off him. Unbeknown to him Emma is lurking behind the bookcase listening to his every word.

Elena worries about Drew, who has gone missing full of hatred after finding out about how his father was betrayed by the Ewings. Nicolas, who has come from a meeting with the drugs cartel, tells Elena not to give up on their plans.

To save his plans from being wrecked he sets the cartel on to finding Drew and stabs a hold in Elena’s contraception before getting into bed with her.


This episode was full of thrilling drama with sirens wailing from the emergency service vehicles. In the final scenes of this episode we were left seeing Southfork up in flames at the hands Bo. Will any of them left inside survive the horrific fire?

It is a shame that Dallas isn’t watched by more people, the iconic storylines are brilliant to watch with so many twists and turns along the way. In my opinion, the reason why the viewing ratings are so low is because of the constant changing of timeslots made by Channel 5. With the most recent being on Wednesday at Midnight. Even the most loyal fans of the show will not wait until that time to watch the show.

With the low rating, the show is going to end which is such sad news for every Dallas fan.