1 week down 50 to go…

Published: 14th September, 2015

On Saturday 5th September I moved out of my Mum's house and into my new flat as I start University in a couple of weeks. However, as first weeks goes it could have been better.

Castle Hill

Let's start with the positives of my first week of my new University Life.

I plucked up the courage to head down to the Den (the common room) by myself. While down there I started talking to other residents of the accommodation which is where I made my first friends, played pool and table tennis. It is really nice to have such a good social area especially as none of my flat mates have moved in yet.

I also explored a little of Huddersfield by going around the town and to Greenhead Park. Greenhead Park is huge and a lovely place to have a wonder.

Following on from that, the flat is nice and quiet as my flatmates have yet to move in. I'm quite certain that that will change once they do!

Finally, I have survived my first week! I have managed to keep the flat clean, cook for myself and not set fire to the place.

So the bad...

I started job hunting again which is as fun I remembered… I spend 2 hours walking around town and hours going from website to website looking for vacancies with no luck.

My Mother threw away food that my future flatmate left before I moved in. In our defence, I was not aware that she had moved her stuff in previously as I moved in on the first day you could and the flat was that dirty we thought that it had been left by the previous tenants. I did message the flatmate and explained what had happened. Luckily she was very understanding, I hope she still is when she moves in.

As I have mentioned earlier the cleanliness of the flat was awful. The floors were dirty, there were marks on the walls, the shower-head holder in my ensuite nearly fell on me and the hoover blew out its contents all over my room. That was fun to clean up… NOT.

And to top it all off I have already smashed a glass and split juice all over my desk which then dripped onto the floor!

So quite an eventful week… It can only get better, right?!

My First Week Top Tips!

Have you moved away and started University? What has your first week been like?