Published: 13th March, 2016

A few weeks back I wrote a blog post on the subject of motivation so today I thought I’d link on from that topic and talk about momentum.

Momentum is the thing that keeps you going, and progressing on a task whether it’s a project, piece of coursework or even something like losing weight.

Momentum requires motivation to get you started and is really one of those things that when you have too much momentum it can result in a burn out due to the pressure you have put on yourself. This means that you become overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have set yourself to do or started.

This means that for a good workflow and progression on tasks you need to have a steady momentum. To have steady momentum you need to do things in short and effective stints.

For example you would work on one task for an hour then switch it up and work on something different for 30 minutes. This means that throughout the day you are doing different things while maintaining momentum on each task to allow you to continue progressing on that task the next day and the next.

Having momentum is crucial in completing a task because by building up momentum for a project will you happier about doing that project. Although this is good, this feeling is the main reason why we burn out. We start feeling good about ourselves and the skills we have and as a result take on more projects even though you do not have the time.

To avoid this you need to always keep yourself at a steady momentum no matter what the task entails.

It’s a bit like driving a car. The motivation is having fuel in the car, the keys and being sat in front on the steering wheel. The burn out is actually crashing the car which can be caused by speeding or tiredness. So keep the car on the road you have to have a steady momentum; you have to not go too fast or too slow and follow the rules of the road. The same applies to other tasks such as a project or a piece of coursework. You need to keep yourself, like the car, at steady momentum to keep yourself on the right track.

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