Should you use a Website Builder?

Published: 21st May 2016

Over the past two years, I have been learning the fundamentals and different aspects of web design which in doing so I have done many projects both fictitious and for clients which were either created using a website builder, with a framework or hand-coded.

Through doing these I have realised and learnt a lot of things even in these few years. I have also formed my own opinions on aspects of the web design industry. One being whether website builders should be used.

Even though website builders can be a huge help to some people and have been improved vastly over the years I personally don’t think they allow as much customisation and flexibility with the design of the website.

This limitation means that comprises may have to happen that could affect a big aspect of the website whether that is the design or the way in which it flows.

I would suggest to only use a website builder as a last option. If you have to use a website builder, whether that is due to not being able to afford to hire someone or you not having the skills to hand-code one yourself, I would suggest really looking into all the website builders out there to find one that you understand and works well for the website you are creating.

To conclude, you can use website builders but I would make sure that route is the best option for you and the website you are wanting before diving in.