A look back at 2016

Published: 1st January 2017

2016 has been one hell of year! I mean Brexit happened, Trump became President and we all ran around catching Pokémon. Putting all that aside, and looking at what I achieved personally it has been quite a productive year.

Throughout the first half of 2016 I set about re-designing my portfolio website. I felt like my website needed updating because there was a big flaw in the design which was that I was very limited on the amount of content I could put in each section. This is due to it being a one-page website and the way in which it flows as a story. The website now showcases all my projects (+ case studies for those), blog posts and videos. To go alongside my website, I also designed a logo for myself.

In terms of content produced, I’ve actually done quite a lot this year.

I’ve completed many projects (both personal and University ones). I am most proud of the following projects:

I have kept up with my blog this year and wrote a total of 13 articles on various topics such as activities I’ve done, inspirational posts and reviews. Three blog post I’m most pleased with are:

As well as working on Web/Design based projects and blog post, I’ve produced a wide variety of video content across three YouTube Channels (my personal channel, my Web Design STWebDesigner and Huddersfield’s Student Lives channel). A few of my favourite videos across all of these channels are:

Big achievements that have happened throughout this year are:

  • I volunteered at the Reasonsto: Design, Code & Create 2016 conference
  • Talked to students about Side Projects at Selby College
  • Finished my first year of University with a First

As you can see 2016 has been quite a year for me and I’m hoping to carry the same momentum into 2017.

This year I’ve decided to not set any specific goals for this year after watching Steven Bartlett video he published on Facebook Why “New Year, New Me” is dangerous. Instead of setting goals now, I am going to set them as and when I see fit throughout the year.

I am however going to be working on three main things throughout 2017. The first is that I’ll be continuing to work on my University assignments, finding a placement for the academic year of 2017/18, working as a Social Media Rep and Student Ambassador for Huddersfield University. The second is to improve my web presence/personal brand. I’ll be doing this by polishing up the project I’ve completed and present the case studies much better. The final thing I’ll be working on this year is my brand STWebDesigner. I will be giving the brand a complete re-design and continuing to produce videos on the YouTube channel.

I hope that 2016 has been a good year for you, let me know what you achieved this year in the comments below and I wish you all the best for 2017. Let’s make it the most awesome year yet! Thank you to everyone that reads my blog posts and follows what I do, I really appreciate your support and attention.