Atlantic Design

Project Completion Date: 9th January, 2016

I designed and developed a website for Atlantic Design, which is a Web Design company, to allow them to tell people about the services they have to offer and the projects they have completed.

While designing and coding this website I kept the design simple and used colour to emphasise important parts of the website.

Home Page

Atlantic Design - Home

Portfolio Page

Atlantic Design - Portfolio

Project Page

Atlantic Design - Project

Blog Page

Atlantic Design - Blog

Blog Post Page

Atlantic Design - Blog Post

Contact Page

Atlantic Design - Contact

Atlantic Design - Mobile

I am really pleased with the overall design of this website as it is simple which makes the content easily readable. It displays all the services they offer, showcases the projects they have done, the blog posts they have published and an easy way for visitors to contact them.

Overall, this website meets the intended purpose as it displays all the relevant content and implements Responsive Design.

Please Note: Atlantic Design is a fictitious project.