The Hotel Finder

Project Completion Date: 6th May, 2016

As part of my Web Programming project I was to build a hotel finder system that allows users to enter preferences for a hotel they would like to stay in and based on these preferences, the application will recommend suitable hotels for the user to stay in. This involved using HTML and CSS to create the website layout and JavaScript to add the functionality of the user being able to search through the hotels.

As I mentioned previously the website was created using three coding languages which were HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML and CSS was used to create the layout of the website as well as making it responsive. The JavaScript was used for the functionality of the website. This functionality allows for the user to search through the hotels based on Star Rating, Distance, WiFi, Pets, Swimming Pool and Price. The user can also sort the hotels by price (Lowest to Highest or Highest to Lowest). I also used JavaScript to validate my User Details form controls.

Getting the right layout and structure for a website like this is very important as it heavily relies on user interaction. Because of this I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the layout of the website before coding it.

Coding the layout of the website was the most enjoyable part of the project but I think this was mainly due to this being the first project I’ve ever used JavaScript which I found very hard to learn and implement into my project.

Home Page

The Hotel Finder - Home Page

To give the website a complete feel, in my own time, I created a logo for the website. I created the logo using Adobe Illustrator. The idea behind the logo was to have the magnifying glass (which symbols search) inside what represents a house/building.

The Hotel Finder - Logo

I kept the design of the website clean and simple. I used a hero image and colours to make the content stand out and to improve the overall look of the website. I made the website easy to use by having all the form controls in one place (on the left-hand side).

Overall, I am really pleased with the outcome of this project. Although there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of the search refinement, I have learnt a lot in the few months of doing this project.